Our Big Move

Our Big Move



Call us crazy...but we’re moving!! We have absolutely loved every minute of being in the shop we are currently at but God is leading us into another direction...one that has several benefits that will make things much easier for us two young moms with little children! This has been a decision we have been praying about & looking into for several months and we finally found a place we feel that God is leading us to our future. From the very beginning of making the initial huge risk into getting our first shop it was truly a huge step out in faith & this time is no different! Of course we are feeling all the emotions with the move but we are at peace with what’s to come! To us the past couple of years in general has been so surreal, it’s truly been such a blessing and gift that we can hardly fathom...we are incredibly blessed and thankful for it all and to be able to move & spread our wings more...we can hardly wrap our minds around it!

A little back story of how we found this place without giving away all the details on the location….we were looking for several months for a new space & when we stumbled along this place it was a thought of “hmm well lets just give it a look…” next thing we know a week later the ball started rolling & we got to take a look inside, at that point we knew this was the place for us. Yes, there is TONS of work to be done but it has a lot of potential that we are just so excited about! Of course when we got to take a peek inside we took several pictures to document the moment. We have BIG plans & cannot wait to begin renovations! 

With the next few weeks ahead it will be quite busy...we will be running our current location until the end of this month, and multitasking, renovating the new shop, managing online orders, new inventory coming in, and preparing for the busy season ahead. We know the road ahead will require a tremendous amount of work but we are ready for the new adventure & have complete trust in each other as well as God to get the job done! 

So buckle up, this is about to be a fun ride that we cannot wait to take you on! We will be sharing all the behind the scenes & glimpses of what the new shop will look like but until then we want to say thank you for being here, supporting us, encouraging us, and praying for us! 

Stay tuned to our new fun adventure….

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I say this with no venom, but – keeping the new location a secret doesn’t really seem like a great marketing plan.

Brenda Brinks

Congratulations on your big move

Barbara Bacon

Well Tracy things still being with you.

Barbara Bacon

Will Tracy’s home decor items still be sold at your store?

Rhonda Surovec

I’m so happy for you! It sounds like this will help simplify your life. I’m sure Door will miss you!

Rhonda Kraai

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