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The Inside Scoop

She’s My Business Partner, Bestfriend, and Most Importantly My Sister.

I’ve always said the real dream come true has been and will always be working with my sister. Yes, some people think we are just friends since we mostly have people say that we don’t look anything alike, but we are actual blood sisters, almost 3 years apart. We’ve always been the best of friends... We grew up in the country next to a huge dairy farm right across the street from our parent’s house, and it was about 30 minutes away from any of our friends or family. Yes, it wasn’t always fun since we couldn’t just run across the street to go hang out with friends like most kids, but we always had each other...we became even closer when both grandparents started having health issues. We would spend days, weeks, even months going up to visit our grandparents in the hospital. If it wasn’t one grandparent, it was the next, or worse both at some points. We grew up very close to our grandparents, visiting them every Sunday after church and seeing them several times a week, so when we lost the first crushed us but brought us closer together...when we lost our grandma, that’s what really glued us closer together. Bre & I spent the entire last month she was passing away by her side, we only left to go home real quick, pack new clothes for the week and we would head straight back up there. We slept by her side until the end, from that our relationship as sisters grew stronger than ever before… 

Fast forward a few years later, I decided it was time to get the ball rolling with making our dream we always talked about as little girls into a reality. I started it back in 2017, and it took a couple years for Bre to fully commit, but 2020 left her no choice but to fully trust God and take the leap with me! That entire year of 2020 Bre would come over everyday, we’d multi-task playing with the boys & working. We spent the first few months having endless conversations about just throwing in the towel & giving our little business up since we couldn’t have any markets due to covid. We prayed, cried, laughed...all the emotions..but then God gave me an idea, and because of that idea our little business started growing. After a few months went by, the blessings kept funneling in, so much so we decided it was time to get a warehouse to hold all of the inventory since my house was being taken over! 

Each step in growing our business we became closer together...with the really low moment, fear, doubt, anxiety, and stress of it all...we found leaning on each other & looking to God to be where our strength came from. We soon found what each of our unique talents that God gave us & how we could use that to our benefit, as we divide and conquer it all together. 

So the BIG question everyone we argue a lot? The honest answer is no, we rarely have arguments. Yes of course occasionally we do have disagreements, yes..but overall we work very very well together like an oiled machine. The crazy part is Bre is so much better & takes care of the things that are not my strong suit, and I take care of the stuff that she isn’t well at...we truly complement each other so well!  And the best part is when one of us is feeling down, the other lifts up & is right there to encourage…

Together we may have extremely different personalities, and strong suits...but overall I couldn’t ask for a better sister, a better best friend, and a better business partner. I can’t help but be extra thankful for all the support we are shown because it allows me to work with my sister and see her everyday...and now even have our mom work with us too! It’s truly the ultimate dream come true…



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I think this is awesome, I love that you have each other and that you put God at the forefront of everything. By the way I have three daughters and non of them look alike. They are all unique in they’re own special way.


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