Shopped Until We Dropped

Shopped Until We Dropped


Discussing our Atlanta shopping trip more in detail…


Starting with day #1 Wednesday: Woke up at 3:30 am, got ready and headed straight to Mrs. Tracy’s house and drove to the airport. Our flight left at 6:00 am, landed in Orlando, and took another flight to Atlanta. We arrived at our hotel around 1:00pm and we decided to check out the market to get a lay of the land. None of us have ever been to a market before so we had absolutely no idea what to expect, but our minds were blown away..the place was HUGE! There were 3 different buildings that were connected by different bridges but in each building there was anywhere from 10-14 floors filled with vendors. We were quite overwhelmed & didn’t know where to begin so it was a good choice that we just walked around and checked everything out the first day… The market closed at 6pm & we stayed until it closed everyday because there was just so much to see. After the market we headed back to our hotel freshened up & met some friends that were staying at a business conference there for dinner! We laughed, chatted until we would just pass out from exhaustion every night!


Day #2 Thursday: Decided to rent these electric scooters to travel around in versus paying for an uber everywhere we went & oh my goodness they were just so fun to ride! Drove them all the way to the market & started our adventure of shopping...This particular market was more showcased for home decor & gift items which was perfect for Mrs. Tracy, but of course we did find several items for the boutique too! To purchase anything from each vendor we need to show proof of owning a business & our sales license...that would then allow us to start picking out items we wanted for fall or christmas! How it works to purchase items is very similar to a baby or wedding registry. We would just walk around with a sales representative and they would carry a scanner around and scan the item(s) we would like & the quantity. So you could say it was quite easy to get carried away with shopping! We rarely stopped the entire time & left each day of shopping hungry ready to eat some dinner. We were so exhausted the second day we ordered pizza and relaxed back at the hotel, but of course we had “girl talk” & stayed up late again…


Day #3 Friday: Woke up & was ready to do it all again! This time we split up a few times just because there was no way we could see everything & shop at the places we wanted without splitting up! We met back up for lunch & Mrs. Tracy had Chick Fil A for the very first time, let's just say she was NOT a fan! We joked about that for a while & got right back to shopping! Shopped until we dropped again & the place closed. Headed to a fancy steakhouse and ate like we never ate before, we were starving! Went back to the hotel, chatted & started packing to head back home the next day. Of course we stayed up late again chatting & making funny faces with filters until we passed out from exhaustion again!


Day #4 Saturday: Had to wake up at 3:30am again to make our flight back home! We were extremely tired, from the constant walking & little sleep….we were all ready to be home & get some rest! Landed around 11:30am and all went our way…


Overall we had the absolute time of our lives! It was an experience we will all never forget & can’t wait to do it again! We made so many memories & got to know eachother even better! 



Bre + Britt


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I NEVER had Chick Fila! So don’t feel bad Tracy!

Robyn Stewart

oh my ! Not like Chick Fila ?? What??? LOL im from Savannah Ga an its our Go to! When im not trying to lose weight!! LOL

Shannon Bell

Sounds like you had a very successful trip!


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